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What is the healthiest kind of rug for your floor?

There are three main types of rugs being sold on the market today: machine made, tufted, and hand knotted. Most rugs being marketed as Oriental rugs and sold on websites and catalogs fall under the category of machine made or tufted. This is because shopping on the internet is based on the lowest price. Although these rugs are advertised as Oriental rugs, they are not.  An Oriental rug is anything that has been created by a human being, one knot at a time. A hand knotted rug is a completely different animal than a machine made or tufted rug. In our expert opinion the most inexpensive hand knotted wool rug will always be a better choice for your home than the most expensive machine made or tufted rug. Here is just one of the many reasons why.

Machine made and tufted rugs are not healthy for your body or the environment. Machine made rugs are currently made from polypropylene type materials. Tufted rugs are full of glue. These offgas into the environment and even into our bloodstreams where they remain forever. It is for this reason we do not recommend machine made or tufted rugs in homes with pregnant women or small children.

A hand knotted rug is made from only wool, the most incredible fiber to be “invented”. Strands of wool are tied one at a time onto a foundation of cotton strings strung on a loom. This incredibly time consuming process creates an incredibly strong and durable floor covering that can last a lifetime or two and never look bad. Because every knot is a different size and shape (similar to a painter’s brushstroke) as the rug moves and stretches over time the rug never looks worn, dirty, or bad the way machine made and tufted rugs do as they are walked on. The number or reasons why hand knotted wool is the best choice for your home are almost too many to mention: Wool is non-allergenic, stain resistant, air purifying, biodegradable, renewable, sustainable and just plain more healthy.


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