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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Christine Quinn, Textile designer

christineOccupation: Owner and textile designer for Harry King Rug and Home in Easthampton.

How you became interested in your field: I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and studied textile design for apparel and I got introduced to doing it for home furnishings. I’ve always been into textiles. I love the colors and the fabrics.

Philosophy on life: I always strive to come up with something as new and creative as possible, while still having fun.

Favorite music: Right now I’m really enjoying the new CD by Ray LaMontagne, called “Trouble.”

Favorite TV show: I don’t watch much TV. I’m usually more interested in doing something creative.

Favorite book(s): I’m liking Barbara Kingsolver’s books right now, especially, “The Poisonwood Bible.”

Greatest accomplishment: Being able to not only do something creative with textiles and rugs, but also selling them.

Success is: Simply being happy with what you’re doing on a daily basis. If I can do that, I consider myself successful.

Pet peeve: I don’t really have any.

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